Heaven isn’t very far.

I was laying outside today in the grass soaking up the sun when I intensely glanced up at the sky. I thought, for a brief moment, that if I looked hard enough, that I would be able to see Heaven. I know that this sounds a bit childish, but I continued to strain my eyes harder and harder. I would blink, roll my eyes to retain moisture, and then again intensely stare straight up at the sky. Where was it? All I could see were wispy white clouds slowly making there way across the immense vast blueness. I’ve always been told stories and read scriptures about heavenly concourses of angels and this place called “Heaven,” but why wasn’t I able to see it? As I laid with my back against the itchy grass, I genuinely wondered where was this place so often talked about… where all your sorrows were set aside; where you are able to return back home into the presence of your Father and Savior?

I’m totally not even kidding when I say that in the most child-like tone I could create, I pleaded, “Heavenly Father, please just help me to see your kingdom.” I squeezed my eyes tight, expecting that when I opened them that I would see His home come forth before my eyes. I shot open my eyelids and guess what I saw?

That same never-ending blueness and wispy clouds. I felt a bit discouraged inside. Why couldn’t I just catch a small glimpse of Heaven?

As I continued to lay there reflecting upon Heaven, something hit me. I realized that I see Heaven every day. If Heaven is a place of love, and peace, and joy, and a place of rest from our sorrows and worldly cares, then isn’t Heaven everywhere we go? I feel love when I get my sweet hugs and kisses from my nephew Cannon. I feel peace when I open my scriptures and read them each day. I feel joy when I am in the service of others. I feel rest from my sorrows and worldly cares when I go to the temple. Heaven is everywhere. We don’t have to open up our eyes and see it, but we have to open up our hearts and feel it.

In Alma 32:21 it teaches that if we have faith, we hope for things that are not seen but that are true. This is my case with Heaven. Although I might not be able to see it, Heavenly Father reassures me that it is there, that it is true, with all the beautiful things He surrounds me with. Isn’t this with all other gospel teachings? We might not be able to see God but He assures us that He is there in numerous, unique, and personal ways. We haven’t seen Joseph Smith but God assures us that he was the prophet of the restoration through the truthful words of the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants. We might not be able to physically see the Savior, but I see Him every day. I see Him in the way people live their lives, serve others, and do all that they can to be His disciple. Glimpses of Heaven are everywhere you look.

Do you ever have those times where a familiar hymn starts playing or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir comes on and the Spirit reverently rushes in and you think, “How did I forget?” I so often find myself so wrapped up in my own emotions and feelings and thoughts and life that I often forget to listen for the voice of the Spirit. If we take the time to be still, to just simply sit and listen, I believe we can learn so much. For Satan, his main tactic isn’t so much to try to load filth into our lives and minds, but rather to keep all the beautiful things out. What things in your life are keeping you from hearing the voice of the Spirit? What if Heavenly Father has something important to teach you?

I know that there’s so much that I need to work on so that they Spirit can be more preset in my life. I am genuinely thankful for my experience today… for the answer to my prayer to see Heaven. I am even more thankful for the opportunity to sit still and quietly listen to the voice of the Spirit. He has so much to teach us! It’s vital that we often find the time in our busy lives to listen for His voice.


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